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Model Comparison of Nissan Altima vs Toyota Camry

Nissan Altima versus Toyota Camry

Are you looking for a midsize sedan? The Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry are two vehicles worth considering. At Crosby Nissan in Waycross, Georgia, we understand that you want a vehicle that is well suited for your lifestyle and budget. The Toyota Camry has been a top selling car for many years in the United States. However, there is growing competition from other midsize family sedans such as the Nissan Altima. But, which one is the leader?

Toyota Camry Features

In Waycross, the Toyota Camry is one of the most popular vehicles on the road. It can be extra sporty, luxurious, or basic. This vehicle has a lag-free infotainment system as a feature to keep you occupied and entertained while on the road. The gas mileage is reasonable as it gets 25 mpg/city and 35 mpg/highway when compared to the gas mileage of the Nissan Altima, which gets 27 mpg/city and 38 mpg/highway. The Toyota Camry also has a thorough refreshed look from its predecessors. 

Nissan Altima Features

The Nissan Altima has recently been redesigned and has undergone an extensive makeover to make it a more mature sedan. The most modern Nissan Altima targets families that need both interior space and value. It also offers the latest in technology. The Altima has paved its way into the family sedan market with its unique style. The modern design and multiple trim levels make the Nissan Altima appealing, keeping its high reputation among drivers, and returning good value for the money.

With the recent redesign of the Nissan Altima to keep up with current technology, it comes out on top as the winner. The Nissan Altima can be purchased at Crosby Nissan, your new and used car dealer in Waycross, Georgia. We also serve customers from Jacksonville to Tifton, Valdosta, and Brunswick. Use our easy payment caluculator to find out what payments on the Nissan Altima will be.

The Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima are two cars that set the standards for vehicles in the family sedan market. Come visit us today at Crosby Nissan, your trusted auto dealership in Waycross, Georgia. While you are here, check out all our new Nissans, and see why the Nissan Altima has an advantage over the Toyota Camry. We look forward to seeing you at Crosby Nissan in Waycross, Georgia and having the opportunity to serve you and fulfill your automobile needs.