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Caring for Your Nissan's Battery

There are few things more frustrating than being stuck with a dead battery when you’re ready to hit the road. It might just take a jump to get you going, but you might need another and then another. This is a situation that we at Crosby Nissan don’t like Waycross drivers to be in.

It’s important to remember that batteries aren’t built to power your vehicle for its entire life. Most batteries only last three to five years, although some may last longer. Without proper maintenance, the lifespan of your car’s battery is greatly reduced. What are some things you need to pay attention to on your battery?

The Terminals

The terminals on your battery need to be cleaned periodically and checked to ensure that the connections are secure. If you’ve never done this before, stop by our service department in Waycross, and we’ll walk you through it or simply do the service for you.

The Brackets

Brackets hold your battery in place. Loose brackets can cause the battery to vibrate when the car is running, shortening the life of your battery. We’ll check your brackets when you come in for routine maintenance and tighten or replace as necessary.

The Charge

Here at Crosby Nissan, we can check the charge on your battery to ensure that you won’t be caught off guard with a car that won’t start. You can schedule this service online or by calling 912-283-7783.

We are committed to making your battery last as long as possible, but in the event that you need a new battery, we can help there too! Just stop by our dealership in Waycross to get started with the maintenance work you need. Although we sell cars, we also have technicians who tackle minor and intensive repairs.

For more about battery maintenance, visit our battery page